Through my research at the fantastic Tower Hamlets archive (worth a visit just to see what deceased library looks like - you walk through one to get to the loo!) I've been finding out a lot about the history of the 'Jago' (slum that pre-dates the Boundary Estate) and the Circus itself.

The best thing we've found is this list of the residents occupations before the estate was built. Unlikely as this may seem it formed the basis for our 'musical' experimentation this Monday evening (we're currently a 'song' in search of some sort of lyric) and was, I thought, surprisingly successful!

Tower Hamlets Archive



Image no 1
Day 3

Ingrid spoons cream into the buttermaker
Buttermaker in action
Ingrid uses the butterspoon to make a print in some butter
She uses the butterspoon knife to spread butter

Ingrid tests one of Peter's pots
Ingrid introduces herself written and verbal

Image no 2
Day 1

Hofer Frauen (Hofer Ladies) introduce themselves

Rosa is crocheting
Doilies on the table
Paulina then took a doily from under a pot plant
She then started to stitch one onto a bag
White bag then brown bag
Hofer Frauen wrote the name of the product Deckchentasche (Doily Bag)
Hofer Frauen wrote their names

The ladies packed their stuff away using Doily bags


The ladies walked out of hall with their bags

Image no 3
Day 2

Ingrid milking

Image no 4
Day 1

Rosa, Resi and Gabi walk down to see the field where the frogs live, it was a pond before
They talk about their memories of the frogs and how good it would be to have the village pond back, and how they used to play by the pond when the older ladies were young

They introduce themselves verbally
They write their names on paper

Gabi explains the frog story of the village with the illustrations


Hi, for the Live Week we are setting up a reading room where you have the opportunity to read aloud to a captive internet audience. A bit like jackanory but you can read whatever you like, something you have written yourself or a found text.
We have some great people who have already agreed to read but we would like some more of the artists from the project to drop what they're doing and give us a story. Let us know if you are interested in taking part and we will give you more details.....


Despite the agrifash project moving to March my project has not been entirely scuppered: Mr Smythe suggested jettisoning the Christmas theme but keeping the quasi-confessional celebrity/visitor aspect.
My problem now is to design the environment for the live interaction to take place, as I had got very excited by building the Christmas tree grotto.


In 1970 a right wing mainstream US TV station gave its programming over to John Lennon and Yoko Ono for a week. The chain smoking mix of radical politics and mainstream TV, plus shit music and New York post Fluxus material is quite fine. This clip has the couple performing with Chuck Berry and Elephants Memory (the band in the Warhol happening featured in Midnight Cowboy). It’s shit but watch till the middle there is a great moment matched by a great expression on Chuck Berry’s face that will have you watching again.
Adam Sutherland

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I think it's the way she just puts the mic back that really makes it!

I love the straight commentary and commercial break on this one, sadly the actual commercials have been edited out. The clip is famous for the crowd walking image and the peanut butter incident though quite what is special about chucking peanut butter about I don’t know, I mean its not last tango exactly. Legend has it that the peanut butter was supplied by Stiv Bators the proto punk most famous for hanging himself accidentally on stage (he was pronounced dead but was revived - bit run of the mill these days). He died after being run over by a taxi in Paris and checking out of the hospital because he felt unwell.
Adam Sutherland


Norway 2 - England 1 - some stupid football shit from 1981. I remember this being imitated by all the children in the school I was working in at the time. Such passionate hatred, from Norway of all peoples. It almost makes you think Britain still meant something. Great role call of titles, despite the commentators passionate hatred of the British ruling class he gets every title correct.
Adam Sutherland


Theatre of reality
Another magic moment from Kyle’s show. Marcus has a lot to live up to. 
Adam Sutherland


Gospel by a southern soul legend, just hang in there for some weird jacket action towards the end of the clip. Seems O V wore the same suit for both gospel and secular work. O V spent quite a bit of time in prison for drugs related offences, the drugs also destroyed his teeth and nasal passages giving his later recordings a - singing while under the dentist - kind of quality and of course hastening his early death.
Adam Sutherland


David Ike on Wogan revisited 10 years on – now it makes sense, yeah, who’s laughing now? nice mix of original footage of one of Wogan's magic moments, re contextulised by Wogan and Ike.
Adam Sutherland


A very interesting view on 9/11 similar to my own, from day 1 you could see a picture of intrigue emerging,which is still being played today by "people of power" expecting us to believe the propaganda they are preaching,and blaming it it all on religion which is total bulls**t,it was purelya financial exercise that went totally wrong.

we the british public, should sit up and listern