Hi Everyone

It's Harold posting some notes up from fridays Ubania meeting at the Rochelle. Firstly, we managed it get 6 out of the 7 Urbanians at this meeting, which was great. The background to the meeting was the good news (for us anyway) that the dates for the Agri- project had been postponed till March.

So on friday night we met up at the space in Club Row that might becuase the site of our residency during the broadcast week. In the previous meeting we'd dicussed the idea of building a modular structure that would act as a base for the collective. Much of the meeting was spent discussing how this might be realized in that space.

Maki made some suggestions about building a structure that took advantage of the height of the room but also linked through the windows and doors the outside space, creating an outside platform or space that engaged with local audience of Arnold circus. Essentially its sounds like something that could be architectually playful, taking advantage of upstairs and outside spaces.

Harun talked about the idea of creating communal behavourial traits, through language and movement, but emblems like badges.

Other points of reference

*Creating elongated narratives/ durational performances.

*Specifying the audience, creating specific streams of communiaction for that audience, ie net geeks

*Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer, who made several expeditions, with various multi national crews. The Kon-Tiki being the most famous.
(check out the link below)

*Islands as a site and context for living and working, can be both paradise and hell. We talked a London's islands and the possibility of visiting some.

*Social housing projects, architecture and social planning. We've agreed to have day out for the group in January, which will included a visit to Thamesmead, the southeast London housing project made famous in A Clockwork Orange.
(see the Link for more info)

* Exploring the idea of time saving or sharing. one suggestion was to pre-record our 7 day residency at double or triple speed and then broadcast over the 7 day period in order to gain time.

* Create decoys and twins to allow more time to do what we really wanted to do.

There was of course more, but i think those were the main points. At a post meeting session at thee The George pub in Dalston. Maki, Patrick and I discussed the idea of setting ourselves some homework for the next meeting.

Our suggestion to the group is to bring in a visual realisation, drawing, map, photo of what we indiviually imagine the Urbania base in Club Row to look like. This will allow us to reach some firm discisions at the next meeting.

We also talked about group manifestos and maybe bringing in examples of those.

Lastly just remind Maki, you also mentioned a woman you know called Leila, who has a shop just off Arnold circus. You thought she might be a good person to meet.

Your comments and feedback are welcome, cheers.
Harold x

Thor Heyerdahl