NB: This was originally sent as an e-mail

Hi Everyone, Its Harold.

I hope you've all had a good weekend. I just wanted to update
everyone following last nights meeting with me, Iris and Patrick(Abake) in
the Hanoi cafe on Kingsland Road. (21/10/07)

Firstly, most people have responded positively to my last e-mail
regarding the budget. But, some people have outstanding concerns
about the amount time the can give to the project in the immediate
and period leading up to the broadcast in January. This is in due in
part to busy schedules we all have. Jessica in particular has
expressed the difficultly she will have in fully engaging with the
project till the end of january and i know other people have other
major commitments between now and january. However, for me
this is one of the challenges of trying to formulate a project like this
which involves various practitioners, with busy and challenging
professional lives. I very keen to make sure the project is an
enjoyable experience and not a drag. Perhaps in light of the very
short time frame we have 2 months!, it might be realistic to restrict
or contain production or to the the broadcast week in January. (?)

Once again this maybe comes to finding effective means of
communication,  perhaps mirroring contemporary urban life, i think
it will be increasingly difficult for us all to meet regularly in the
period leading up to the broadcast week in january, as 8 individuals
i don't think we've manage to it yet! I think i would be interesting to
embrace these problems as part of the project. Something we
talked about last night was using the blog available to us on the
Agrifastionistas website as a central point for communicating and
diseminating information. I know at the previous meeting several
people highlight the shortcomings of blogs, but i think its an
immediate way of sharing ideas and information and may provide a
focus, allowing us to upload video, audio and provide links. In
addition it does offer the possibly of documenting this discussion
process. My aim this week is to facilitate our access to the blogs.
Comments? Feedback?

to save time and open out the many things we discussed last night,
i' ve listed some topics and provided some links ( Iris and Patrick
feel free to add or amend my notes)

To drive things forward it might be useful to ask some questions?
What is Urbania?
What are our visions of the future? etc

We talked about the nature and function of collectives/teams and
organisations. We discussion one collective, 1980s TV series, The A
Team. A group of vigilante, vietnam vets with a mission for social
justice. Each episode was structured in a way where they would
practically plan, build or construct something to aid their overall

80s nostalgia aside, i think the model of a team with a mission and
social purpose is really useful

This come up as a possible focus for the project the construction/
or realization of monument. We trying examine how you me re-
imagine a monument, using symbols of the past, connected to war,
death or victory. trying to imagine a futurist monument. This
connects to a project i' ve asked to develop in peckham. which is
research and consultation excercise using the mothership as
platform to develop a futurist monument for peckham sq.

What or how you could develop as monument was opened out,
references to Swiss artists Thomas Hirschhorn projects. In particular
his Georges Bataille monument (2002, Kassel, Documenta 11) where he
set up monument (involving a library, community TV station, cafe
and large sculture) to writer bataille in the midst of a estate in
Kassel, Germany.


There was also the memorial to the Iraq War at the ICA this year,
artists were asked to propose a memorial to the ongoing conflict in


Other points in brief

Iris mentioned the idea of using TV formats like news Bulletins or
smaller regular slots, perhaps as interventions within the overall
Agrifastionistas project

Extending this by creating a local news gathering network for a
specific communities

Using the structure and form of Algorithms ( as a methodology?)

Looking at the business of predicting the future, Fashion, design
trends. In business and economics forecasting. Technoolgy+
science who why and what set the agenda.
How does the future become the future?

BBC TV show, Tomorrow's world looked at future developments in
Science and technology made for a prime time audience

Positions and differing view points  Creating debate between guest
Post human developments (body enhancements) VS natural, eco

Asking the elderly about their ideas of the future. How did they view
the future? What was their future, that is our present?

School Forum
Using the site, history and legacy of the Rochelle school, with
regards to creating workshops

TEDS (Patrick what does that stand for again?)
Corporate presentations where speakers are given a set amount of
time to deliver messages, often using multimedia presentations Ref
Al Gore's  'An Inconvenient Truth'

Urban planning models
Milton Keynes, new york, cities of the future
Arnold circus as an example of urban regeneration.

I also made reference before to futurist cults and organisations one
such is Unarius, see the link for info and video clips

AS you can see there is a lot here, i hope some of it will connect to
other ideas people have. IT might be useful to try an set another
date to meet, Is the week beginning 29th Oct good for anyone? i
know a few people are away but, as last night showed even a small
group can be productive. Now the blog is set up we can post ideas thoughts etc and keep everyone in the loop.

I look forward to the discussions.
Harold xx

Tomorrow's World
The A Team