Hello. Its Harold. Firstly this marks a significant point in my life, my first blog entry! The Urbanian's  have had few meetings, but one of our overriding problems is find an effective way to communicate. Its proved extremely difficult to get us all in the same room at the same time. And in our first meeting we discussed how might find means to communicate effectively. Although some of us have reservations (i'm, aware that i'm speaking for the group without permission) it is an opportunity provided by Agri to link us up and get our ideas out there, to who i don't know.

So let me try and set the context. Ok, here goes. Following my invitation to take part in the Agrifashionista project, i  decided to use the opportunity pick up on some themes i'd explored before.

A previous project called The Mothership Collective, realized at the South London Gallery in August 2006 was my starting point. The opportunity to create a broadcast content for this event was and is very daunting. My aim in picking up the strands of the previous project was to continue to explore the idea of peoples perceptions of the future through conventions like Sci-fi. I have to confess i'm not a huge expert, but i'm interested in how the process of trying to image and realize the future seems to hightlight and project the contemporary.

Anyway the basic premise of Urbania, is to invite a group of practitioners to form a collective and develop and present an imagining of a future world. So i' ve taken it upon myself to invite the following people:

Jessica Antwi Boasiako
Martino Gamper
Iris Garrelfs
Helen Walker & Harun Morrison

My starting point was the proposal below, but i see it only as a starting point. And from our initial discussions the eventual outcome will be quite different to what is set out here.

The Mothership Collective Presents:
Urbania: Future World Visions

The Aim
The aim of the project is create a core collective of artists, designers and
musicians who will over the course of 7 days develop and present sounds,
visions and experiences of a future urban landscape called: Urbania. The
Mothership (at Rochelle School) becomes a production site, an open studio for
the development of Urbania.

The Mothership at Rochelle School
The Mothership will represent the hub or site of the activities that will unfold over
5 days. Ideally to be located on the enclosed rooftop space at Rochelle, the
Mothership will initially be a contained, specifically designed flexible environment
catering for multiple uses including production of work, talks,
presentations/performances and workshops as well as a social hang out space.
As the project develops Urbania will be created around the Mothership in other
areas of the rooftop space.

Core Collective - Think Tank
Members of the core collective will instigate, develop, structure and produce the
final presentation. During the 5-day residency period they will be on site at the
Mothership for programme of discussions, invited guests presentations, talks,
workshops, construction and rehearsals and final showcase.

Proposed Core Collective members are
Åbäke: Design Collective     www.myspace.com/abakespace

Martino Gamper: Artist/Designer   www.gampermartino.com

Jessica Antwi Boasiako: Graphic designer/Filmmaker  

Iris Garrelfs: Audio artist     www.irisgarrelfs.com

Harun Morrison & Helen Walker:
Theatre/Live Art/Film

Harold Offeh: Artist/Video/ Performance    

The Chorus – Focus Groups
The chorus represents another key element of the project. The Chorus will be
made up of one or more schools, community or social groups, who will
participate in research, production and final presentation of the Urbania project.
Working closely with members of the core collective, their role is to be a focus
group reflecting, interpreting and communicating various aspects of the project
through, art, design and performance.

Max of 3 groups engaged with specific aspects of the project.
Suggested groups:     Future - Primary schools group
            Present - Youth group (Whitechapel Project 18 –24)   
            Past – Pensioners, Elderly Club/Society group

Consultants – Plug In sessions
Consultants are guests – artists designers, architects, scientists, spiritual
speakers who will input into the project through one-off events, talks,
performances, workshops etc adding to the research and knowledge bank being
built up by the Core Collective and Chorus.
During the 5 day residency there will be a daily programme of Plug In sessions.
Hopefully this will include many artists taking part in the wider Agrifashionistas

Documentation – Mothership Sojournal
Over the residency period the Mothership will be a hive of activity, with daily plug
in sessions, workshops, construction and rehearsals. Most of this activity will be
documented through video, with additional stills photography and audio. Each
day the Mothership will produce and broadcast a Mothership Sojournal, which
will be an account of the previous days activities leading up to the final Urbania
presentation. At a later stage the entire Mothership Sojournal will be published as
a DVD.

Outcomes – Urbania Live
The conclusion of the Mothership residency will see a live presentation of the
collectives’ vision of Urbania. The programme will showcase the multi-media
installation, with performances and demonstrations that will act as a Guide to this
vision of the future. The Structure, length and content of this final outcome will be
pre determined by the group, but it make take the form of a Holiday guide, TV
Drama or series of TV postcards. Presented live from the Rochelle site.

Mothership at Rochelle
Basic Construction materials: Large chip/MDF boards, lengths of wood. Tables,
chairs. Comfortable furniture, old scrap sofa, cushions etc. Fridge, Lamps and
additional Lighting. Scrap materials, fabric, paper, and pens.

Video projectors, DVD players, Monitors, audio equipment. Video/ digital
cameras. Lighting, speakers.

Mothership at SLG