In line with the relaxed and simple approach to the agifash project we are doing a few snaps of Jonathan Meese wearing the new land uniform - for publicity material - well he was coming to stay anyway and the uniforms were due a field test. Ok simple I’ve got an instamatic, except now we have a crew of thousands - lights, cameras, designers, stylists, catering managers, animal trainers, make up etc. Suddenly Giles Deacon is worried about what it means to show half finished versions of his designs, who owns the images? will Jonathan be pissed at being used as a gimp? who’s ‘work’ is it? will the pigs play ball, how will they sign the contract? Oh and everyone seems to be going to Glastonbury en route, can the bathroom cope? I love it when a plan fall apart At the last minute Jonathan cancelled, overworked, his gallery cleared his diary till the end of July. The ensuing hou ha finds myself and Ben Juneau drawn into the breach, and as it said in the Japanese phrase book we used in Japan – (sex section and in relation to a request to ‘touch me there’) ‘it’s ok I’ll do it myself’ something of a mantra in the Lake District and applied to everything from cleaning the toilets to legal action to building a house and open heart surgery (I do have a steady hand and good craft skills). The Giles land uniforms have suddenly gone space blanket – Giles is into space, that’s the place not the concept – I am a little afraid Ben and I will look like fat grand prix drivers, hopefully space blanket is very sliming.