This blog is a diary of the development of the Agrifashionistas project, personal comment and thought and other vaguely related material. Anyone that can be arsed can contribute to it via the comments section. In Janurary with the help of many artists, media folk, special interest groups - well anyone really who is interested enough to do it – we are planning to bring together a laid back exploration/presentation of the ways ideas and culture is ‘translated’ through the media and by the artists and others. I ‘m telling you putting together some laid back shit is a mighty complex and stressful business. Boy do you have to plan a lot with a lot of people and a lot of complex personal relationships. At this stage no one much agrees on anything much, a brief run through of what various people are after would include; chaos, order, glamour, crud, cool, uncool, art people, other people, experimentation, career enhancement, status, money, reality, virtuality, a programme to sell to a TV station, a bunch of un-watchable stuff. So with a bit of luck/skill all this will stay fully unresolved throughout the project, but I think I am going to have a battle on my hands against the forces of reason and order, code named ‘Mrs Fiona’. I was involved in this talk the other day where this theory guy explained some rather obvious things in a very long winded way. However one notion I did find interesting was the idea that complexity was a political position, an opposition to the idea of value -comparative value - so that to complexify is to challenge the capitalist status quo, that complexity is an attempt to value the world around us in a real way. But why on earth should we want to do that all of a sudden?