It's is nice for a change to work with people that get on with it, tell me what to do and know what they want. Being a model is hard work though, my arms are stiff, holding a squealing pig is tough, standing still and sustaining 'Blue Steel' for long periods is also testing, Ben seems like a professional, never needs any direction. The image looked good though, slightly surreal, almost like a stage set, amazing what a professional photographer can do. Donald Milne for those interested, not only a good photographer but also a man that tells an anecdote and a joke in the exact same voice, making it hard to know how to laugh. In only slightly less cuckoo land, fundraising is proving more difficult than expected. No money from the Henry Moore Foundation, they inform us they are going back to basics with thier new director (from Scotland) concentrating on sculpture and drawing. I feel an idea for a drawing show coming on, it may feel a little uncomfortable at first but I am sure once I get going I 'll love it.