These are two projects we made for the website...

The Librarians is a series of 8 video portraits concerned with the personal, sometimes unintentional collections and libraries of people working in the arts. The project looks at how individual collections and selections processes and by extension the design and organisation of personal environments reflect and relate to someone’s wider practice. As a sequence the portraits form a collection in their own right with the notion of collecting becoming increasingly complex while relationships and connections develop between individuals and their ideas. Featuring Tom McCarthy, Lorenza Boisi, Shaun Pubis, Michael Leslie, Pablo Bronstein, Isabel Waidner, Rebecca Bligh and Adam Sutherland.

Reading Room is video library of reading performances which will be regularly added to. Texts are chosen by readers specifically for the collection and filmed in their personal contexts, either home or workplace. As a result the library includes an eclectic mix of literature, poetry, biography and science while each video is also an encounter with the personal space of the reader. The project is ongoing and long-term, mapping through time associations and a sense of collective thinking .