Over the past week we've been transforming a store room at the Royal Academy into Urbania's Red room. We've built tables, a toilet and brought in many of the objects created during our residency at Parkamoor in the Lake District this july.

The red room will be the focal point for our activity for the next 3 months leading to Urbania's Soup Night on 8th January 2009.

I personally like to thank Grizedale Arts, Martino Gamper and Michael Smythe for there support in the development of the project thus far.

Please feel free to pop in to the Red Room.




Gotta love the red room - viewed from the outside as arresting and intriguing, it draws you away from the singular contemplation that precedes its discovery. Immediately being confronted with people is intimidating yet exciting and ultimately rewarding as interaction provides a key-hole insight into the workings of a collective. Once within and beyond the key-hole you shift from voyeur to viewed, becoming part of the art as an impression of another. Immediately active yet obviously static - a slog of a show - the individuals give depth and meaning to compliment the warm welcome - who can refuse soup and mulled wine?!

Boys and girls, really enjoyed being a momentary inclusion, able to perpetuate the experience. And what soup! hearty grub with brick bread is as much as any man can ask for whilst wondering round a gallery. Loved it and very sad not to have made the 8th, hope it was all fun and games.x