Another day, another Urbania update from Harold.

Four of us Helen, Harun, Oko and me meet in the swedish sauna style board room at the Rochelle. It my last meeting of the year - i heading to the big apple this week, we've been given the focus of a deadline by Michael, who wants to what the hll were gonna do. Good question! With that in mind, we discussed the 2 main areas of the project that need to resolved, creating a physical/architectural environment for us to inhabit and devising a manifesto or structure for the overall project. No mean task then.

In note form here are some of our musings.

With regard to social/architectural environments we talked about

Cloisters, cells inhabited by Monks and Nuns. Smaller spaces surrounding a open central space.

JG Ballard, gated communities, suburbia. Looking and isolated communities sealing themselves off, could we lock ourselves away? Creating physical structure like a door or employing guards to regulate access to our space. Helen uses the great phrase "Future Fugitives".

As a reference i recommend Todd Haynes great film SAFE starring Julianne Moore a LA housewife who gradully becomes allergic to everything, eventually having to find an isolated retreat to heel herself. This raised the idea of
Healing retreats
Hermits, Monks/Nuns and specific religous orders

we talked about the power of language to bind a group. One suggestion was to create. a group language or specific words we all use. This lead to discussion about Hybrid Models. Creating a structure that features elementsof all the group and perhaps blending them together.

Oko who's working with Abake brought in some info on DROP CITY (see the link below)
Drop city was an artists community set up Colorado, USA in 1965, its founders being particularly inspired by Buckminster Fuller.

To sum up we've reached a critical point in the project, where we have to make choices and decisions in order to fully realize the project. So following the meeting on the 13th December we should have a better sense of what Urbania is.

Harold x

Safe, by Todd Haynes
Drop City
More Drop City info