Hi Urbanians

Thanks to everyone who showed up for last nights Marathon meeting at Rochelle, while i don't think we came up with a definitive idea, i felt we did move things forward. Feeling slightly exhausted, I made some very brief notes, as ever feel free to amend, correct etc

I felt there were some overriding issues that we need to tackle and address

1) The purpose/aim/mission of the collective. What do we stand for if anything?

2) The residency and co-habitation of the collective, How is this structured? Rules, continuous presence etc

3) Collective and individual activity, what do we do as a group and individuals?

4) Broadcasting, How do we use the online, TV format of the Agri-Project.

5) Relationship with audiences/viewers, either local Rochelle and Global via web

There have been several strategies that we've looked at over time

A) Using collecting and archiving/recycling as a means of creating dialogue with other groups/individuals. "the Borrowers" or "Wombles"

B) Community service providers, with a mission, providing a platform for others. ie 'The A Team"

C) Parasites:using, responding, subverting and making interventions within and outside the structure of the Agri Project


 A collective task to build a structure, a tower or bridge, together during the broadcast week. We would seek materials via our broadcasts and with the aid of a guest builder construct the structure from donations.

2 items on last night agenda were:

* Feedback from my meeting Adam Sutherland, (Director of Grizedale Arts/Project Curators)
There's a strong sense that no one knows what we're doing, what our output might be and what materials/ facilities we need. Adam is quite keen for us the adopt strategy C) Parasites in relation to rest of the Agri project.
I got an overview of most of the other Agri projects, many of which are completed or in full production.

* Jessica's future role in the project.
Jess and me had a conversation about her difficulties in participating in the process so far and likely problems in the future. We talked about how she might be involved through a proposal to stage a specific "Soup" event as part of a possible schedule of invited/guest events in the broadcast week. At the meeting there was a strong debate and a mixed response, with several people questioning Jess's ability to commit to the project as a whole. Jess has sent an outline of the soup project for the group and a final decision will perhaps depend on the nature of the final project.

Group activity
Last night we explored the idea of creating rules for the group to follow, it was decided that two sets of rules would be created to by followed by the group over 2 saturdays

Rules for the 19th January were written by the individual members responding to previous written rules:
Don't write "I"
Pretend it's Sunday
Only eat purple coloured food
Skip at least 5 times
Learn to play 1 tune on any instrument
Dance in public space

Rules for 26th January were written in secret
Eat 5 new things combined
Eat Lunch alone. Reflect on the notion of a group.
Laugh at people driving red cars.
Pretend its Monday
Ask a stranger if you can stroke their shoulder
Compliment 25 people.

The next meeting has been set for Monday 21st at 5pm to 7pm at Rochelle.

I would like to suggest that for the next meeting we all bring to the table our own project outlines, perhaps with drawings/photos that address points 1 to 5 listed above. Time to lay out cards on the table, what do we really want!

We can then in turn present them to the group. I think it might be easier to make a definitive decision in relation to specific ideas and projects. I feel we have to come out of mondays meeting with clear sense of how the project will develop over the next 9 weeks. It would be nice to move on to the next stage of seeing things realized. This is my view, perhaps a bit dictatorial, but please, please let us know your views.

Love and Best wishes