In the early 80’s my father appeared in cognito as an extravagant Santa, visiting the Christmas party of our Girl Guide troupe. His true identity was only revealed to me when he used a traditional family phrase ‘You lucky people!’ to rouse the expectant girls. Horrified and thrilled, I had to keep my revelation a secret so as not to spoil it for everyone.

I'll be constructing an out-of-season Santa's grotto in the garden at Rochelle School, open to visitors over a few hours each lunchtime that Agrifash is live. Adult visitors are invited to visit Santa for a one to one no-holds-barred consultation, which will be streamed live onto The identity of the visitor or the Santa will not be revealed in the filming.

Today I wrote a longhand letter to someone I want to play Santa. You know who you are. Please say yes.

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Strangely I had a similar experience when I was a child. Not as profound as the time my father opened my bedroom door to say goodnight dressed as a Punk