This is when I first saw my puppet's outfit that my mother had made for it. Initially she suggested I bought a suit for a small child and alter it. When I showed her the marionette she realised that it was out of the question.
The suit she's made fit's well the shirt under the jacket has no sleeves like Australian farmers might wear.

With my brother and my parents cat Loris we tried on the marionettes torso for size using the curtain to hide our own bodies. The cat looks best as if he's from a Hammer film with animals

When I ordered the linen string to attach to the limbs on the phone I heard the woman on the sales hotline fart twice as she got up to check if they had any in stock.


Norway 2 - England 1 - some stupid football shit from 1981. I remember this being imitated by all the children in the school I was working in at the time. Such passionate hatred, from Norway of all peoples. It almost makes you think Britain still meant something. Great role call of titles, despite the commentators passionate hatred of the British ruling class he gets every title correct.
Adam Sutherland