Mobile phones again, they'r like a fracture in the time space continuum (nice the way Sci fi terms are so omnipresent that they actually mean something) a schism, a shaft to another world. How do people inttegrate the technology into thier lives, being in touch constanly with multiple media feeds, well here's one way.

I was reading a tabloid in a waiting area, (waiting rooms are like worm holes – Heat, National Geographic, This England – actually check that last one it’s big weird) and I read this story about a school head of department - a teacher (I am guessing head of sport) getting a blow job from a 16 year old student and taking a call from a colleague while driving the school bus, the student was quoted as saying that she was ‘well impressed by his ability’. This is the mobile phone disembodied experience, every body part busy with different things. Not too sure what he was in trouble for, maybe he was also shaving at the same time, whatever, he seemed quite proud of himself anyway.