In 1970 a right wing mainstream US TV station gave its programming over to John Lennon and Yoko Ono for a week. The chain smoking mix of radical politics and mainstream TV, plus shit music and New York post Fluxus material is quite fine. This clip has the couple performing with Chuck Berry and Elephants Memory (the band in the Warhol happening featured in Midnight Cowboy). It’s shit but watch till the middle there is a great moment matched by a great expression on Chuck Berry’s face that will have you watching again.
Adam Sutherland

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I think it's the way she just puts the mic back that really makes it!

From the Singing Ringing Tree – 1957 but shown on UK Children’s hour through the 1960’s – constantly mentioned by artists of a certain age - see those influences on the 40 - 50 age group. I remember this so well, it wierded me out then and it almost still does. Looking forward to seeing the art output inspired by telly tubbies in 10 years time.
Adam Sutherland