I was lucky enough to catch Agrifash/Toadball @ the RA on the 31st, and I'm glad I did, good work all!  I must say it was the most interesting thing in the building, no amount of hot drug money could make dead work less dead.  Men-in-red, you know I encourage poo in the prop toilets, nothing like poo to keep it real.  Plus, poo has a good cost-to-dramatic-effect ratio.

I do hope that somehow, in the future, the original idea as it was meant to be, will find a way to be.  But it should be interesting times over the next few years, with austerity measures all around, are we already seeing art production equivalents of shit on a shingle?

Speaking of which, I know a little Italian lady who's got the emotional pitch of a boom economy down.......remember how good it was?  And the fashion!  And then we all went tumbling down........Paul McCarthy, you shyster!