Here it is at last the final Song for a Circus ... soon to be featured on this site but also available on our MySpace page.

You can read my thoughts on the end of the rather painful Agrifashionista experience here on the somewhere site!

This Sunday (10th Feb) the band that is slowly growing and making "A Song for a Circus" will be actually out on Arnold Circus (starting in the band stand at 3.00pm) practising some of the experiments we've been trying out. This is partly to see what we sound like outside & work out if some sort of 'live performance' will work in the Agrifashionista week, but mainly to try and let people know what we're up to and maybe attract new resident members.
My main motivation is we need a drummer ... so if you live on the Boundary Estate and play the drums come on down, we could sure do with you ...

That said I am really keen on the Sitar and Melodeon combo we have to date.

The next tune we might tackle is Pop goes the weasel we love the Anthony Newley version and with all the local connections ( "Up and down the city road, In and out the Eagle" ) it might be an interesting track to do a 'cover version' of ... My feeling is that Seamus (our nominated singer) could certainly carry off a Newley-like "off the cuff comment over the lyric" vocal!

We're gaining in popularity (if not visual style) on Myspace and one of our new virtual friends are another band that apparently anyone can join ... they're called the citizens and they want to be our friends, I quite like their '24hr CCTV' if you fancy a listen.

If you're on Myspace come on be our friend ...

Find us on MySpace
See a budgie sing that tune
Read more about the history of the area on the FOAC site

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really like this site, much more so than the myspace one. put some more links to it, and email it to some people... takes deep diggin in the web to find it.

We must be we've got a MYSPACE MUSIC page ... Ahhh

Hear what happens on Monday nights


Through my research at the fantastic Tower Hamlets archive (worth a visit just to see what deceased library looks like - you walk through one to get to the loo!) I've been finding out a lot about the history of the 'Jago' (slum that pre-dates the Boundary Estate) and the Circus itself.

The best thing we've found is this list of the residents occupations before the estate was built. Unlikely as this may seem it formed the basis for our 'musical' experimentation this Monday evening (we're currently a 'song' in search of some sort of lyric) and was, I thought, surprisingly successful!

Tower Hamlets Archive


The search for the 'song' musicians began this week with a small but keen turn out ... we'll be meeting on Monday nights between now and the live week ...

More details on the project website ...