Hello Everyone

I wanted to update those who'd missed yesterdays meeting very exciting and productive meeting, rather go over the discussion in detail i'm just briefly going to outline the agreement we reach amongst the collective.

The framework and reference for the Urbania broadcast will be the former Prime time BBC show Tomorrow's World, the programme ran for 38 years and through a variety of reports, demonstrations and wacky items looked at developments in science and technology.

We thought it would be good to use the structure and framework this TV format provides. Our aim as a crew is to explore, research, develop, produce and eventually present the content for our very own Tomorrow's world, a 45 minute Futurist magazine show, mixing live and pre-recorded elements, actual or imagined future sounds and visions with a live studio audience, presenters, TV set or who knows

The Collective's aim or mission is to explore future trends in Living, working, behaviour, social dynamics, inter-personal relationships etc, etc. Each member of the collective will be allocated a 5 min slot on the show to develop an item of their own interest that can be manifested by a pre recorded film, an interview or live demonstration etc.

The live/work residency at Rochelle will be provide the opportunity for the group to research and develop their projects for the show on site, like TV production company. There is the opportunity to invite guests, enact items for the show, for example Maki's school idea could be brought to life.

At the end of the meeting those present felt this Framework allows us to live, work and interact as collective while developing a dynamic and interesting online broadcast that reflects both individual and collective, interests and skills while hopefully engaging various audiences.

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