Programme Schedule 2008


TOADBALL LIVE @ The Royal Academy Contemporary Season:

My Villages / Public Works – International Village Shop        
 13th November 5 – 9pm
Academy Room, 6 Burlington Gardens

Guestroom – date tbc
Academy Room, 6 Burlington Gardens

Urbania – Urbania Soup Night
8th January 2009 7 – 11pm
Academy Room, 6 Burlington Gardens


Pablo Bronstein launched in June 2008 with the work of Pablo Bronstein. PATERNOSTER SQUARE, is a film work choreographing dancers from the Michael Clark Company and the Central School of Ballet.The work presents Paternoster Square as a stage set for a performance.

The stage is comprised of three architectural objects designed by Bronstein and Berlin based architect Etienne Descloux. Simultaneously filmed from four angles, ballet dancers are observed responding to live direction by Bronstein, off camera, but audible, dictating when a pose must be held, changed or improved.

The dancers create compositions with poses taken from classical ballet, George Balanchine and baroque ‘Sprezzatura’ iconography – the art of elegant bearing, in solo and group configurations derived from early court ballets. The dancers attempt to be idealized, ornamental citizens within the square, which is model of ‘public’ space in which we perform citizenship.


A Somewhere Project: Nina Pope & Tim Olden

A SONG FOR A CIRCUS has been a unique project building expressly on the relationship between Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, and the residents of the Boundary Estate. Over a number of months, Composer Tim Olden and Artist Nina Pope have been working with Boundary Estate residents in the shaping and composition of a special musical work A Song for a Circus.

An initial advertisement was solicited to all tenants, asking for volunteers with musical prowess. The resulting ensemble includes every kind of musical instrument, from sitar to spoons; every genre, from bhangra to heavy metal; and every level of ability, from virtuoso to the enthusiastic amateur.

Each weekly rehearsal saw participants try out different experiments with the instruments and voices to hand, with Tim (the project composer) recording. Each week the various samples were edited and the following week new material layered over this framework.



Guestroom is the collective pseudonym for artists Ruth Höflich and Maria Benjamin.

For Agrifashionista, Guestroom have made a series of documentaries called ‘The Librarians’, interviewing an eclectic group of artists, writers, musicians and curators, exploring the complexities of individuals and their collections.


Jen Liu

Now the time is here
for Iron Man to spread fear,
Vengeance from the grave

kills the people he once saved

Nobody wants him;
They just turn their heads
Nobody helps him

now he has his revenge.

Black Sabbath, “Iron Man”, 1976

Jen Liu examines the contemporary cultural and political frontier through a collision of old and new pop models. Science fiction, 60’s graphics, horror, computer graphics, medieval painting, and pop music, are all brought together to create imaginary worlds.

The Brethren of the Stone: Iron Man, is the second part of the Brethren of the Stone trilogy, that came out of the artist’s research in West Cumbria and Grizedale.This work is the second part of The Brethren of the Stone trilogy. As much as Comfortably Numb was a gentle coming-of-age tale in a rural setting, its successor is another kind of coming-of-age reflecting the landscape of a contemporary city.


William Pope L

Pope L has developed a global online collaboration exploring the changing culture surrounding the Convenience Store communities of Maine (USA), Adana (Turkey) & Shoreditch (London), carving an existence on the edges of the mainstream.


My Villages / Public Works


Where do matches come from?
How does a washing machine work?

The famous German children's series "programme with the mouse" (sendung mit der maus) broadcasts short films every week which simply set about to explain how things work.

Where does horse milk come from?
How do you make a butter spoon?

My Villages set out to produce a series of VILLAGE PRODUCE FILMS explaining the genesis of a product in a 3/5-minute long, process lead narrative.

This collection of films tell stories about specific regions, striving to exchange knowledge across the European and international network. The footage equally focuses on the handling and the making process of each product while simultaneously presenting a portrait of the makers and their environments.

The project is part of a shared idea initiated by, Public Works, Grizedale Arts and Somewhere, all trading and exchanging produce and process from their varied rural networks.

This "International Village Shop" can appear as a market stall, an honesty box or a table that can exists temporarily across any locations in this network.


Urbania Collective 

Urbania will present a series of short films along side their Royal Academy three month Toadball research residency in the Burlington Gardens red room. Stay tuned for details on and

Juneau / Projects

Birmingham based Juneau / Projects have created a slacker Krypton Factor style TV game show called The Royal Race for Nature. This project was developed in collaboration with students from Virginia Primary School in Tower Hamlets. The Royal Race for Nature was filmed over a two-day period in and around Rochelle School and will be broadcast this December on

Coming Soon


Gelitin and MOMS, a bunch of naughty boys playing around in the nude, in the tradition of shock and challenge.

On the 30th of May 2008, Gelitin performed YES OK EX to a live studio audience. Footage from this performance will be launched on Agrifashionista later this year.


Nathaniel Mellors