The Bretheren Of The Stone: Iron Man


This is the second in a trilogy, the sequel to The Brethren of the Stone: Comfortably Numb, 2006. In this chapter, the protagonist is introduced to the big city after a youth in the idyllic country, and must face various instances of social and aesthetic alienation. He does not cope with it well, and in the end, we see that his only way means of dealing with it is violence. However, is his violence directed outwards, or inwards? I worked with composer Ray Sweeten and Judith Hallet on a piece to reflect this rift between the protagonist and the modern world. The protagonist's voice is expressed though Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage" translated into Latin, and re-written as medieval plainchant. The modern world takes Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" translated into an Italian late-era Romantic opera for female voice. I also worked with composer Matthew Welch and the Depauw Tiger Pep Band to create a marching band version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", that closely adheres to the original song in composition.

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