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Urbania is a collective of six artists, Jessica Antwi-Boasiako, Iris Garrelfs, Oko Goto, Harold Offeh, Maki Suzuki and Patrick Lacey with different skills and diverse backgrounds in performance, sound, video, design and interactive events. The Urbania Collective acts as a forum for research, discussion, production and interaction by facilitating individual areas of inquiry in a collective framework. Together, Urbania share interests in communal living, utopian communities, sci-fi, and the changing aspects of creative authorship and collaboration.

Urbania Films

Over the past year the group has been engaged in various research based activities: exploring myths and fables, 60s communes, modernist architecture, baking and brewing techniques amongst many other things. That research led to a residency in July 2008 hosted by Grizedale Arts at their Parkamoor cottage in the Lake District. Parkamoor provided a base for the production of a series of projects based on Urbania’s previous research. Activities included soup and bread making, creating instruments, group dancing, setting traps and building and launching a raft on Lake Coniston.

The Urbania films showcase some of the activity from the Parkamoor residency and focuses on the ongoing Red Room project sited at the Royal Academy of Arts that will lead to the staging of Urbania Soup Night in January 2009. The short films hope to contextualise the six members approaches to the project, looking at individual and collective strands and some of the ideas and practices that underpin the whole project.

Urbania’s Soup Night by the Urbania Collective

Thursday 8 Jan 2009
Royal Academy of Arts, 6 Burlington Gardens, W1 3EX

For the second part of the GSK CONTEMPORARY season, the Urbania Collective present Urbania’s Soup Night, a shared feast of food and drink, combined with an exclusive showcase of music, film and dance.

Open to the public, this one night event is a live and interactive artwork. Influenced by the idea of myth making and storytelling, it evolved from the collective’s summer residency at Grizedale Arts (aka Toadball TV) and their installation, ‘The Red Storage Room’, currently on exhibition at the Royal Academy till 19th Jan 2009.

For the event, ‘The Red Storage Room’ will extend into a large, bohemian banquet where Urbania soup, bread and drink will be prepared live and served to our guests. In addition to this, there will be an Urbania film screening, advice on human composting, and an exclusive performance by the Urbania Orchestra, consisting of a live, multi-channel concert that will premiere a new sound piece by Urbania member Iris Garrelfs.

Admission: FREE - places are limited so RSVP is essential.
To book: urbaniacollective@yahoo.com
For more info: www.urbaniacollective.com


Urbania Collective: Jessica Antwi-Boasiako, Iris Garrelfs, Oko Goto, Harold Offeh, Maki Suzuki and Patrick Lacey

Michael Smythe: Producer/Project Manager
Dorian Moore: Online Design/Programming
James Stokes: Editing

A Grizedale Arts project commissioned by A Foundation

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