Village Produce Films

The Village Produce Films show the making of a number of products from three rural locations: Höfen (Upper Frankonia, Germany), Wjelsryp (Friesland, The Netherlands) and Lawson Park (Cumbria, Great Britain).

The Village Produce Films are produced as part of, a project curated by Grizedale Arts, and are a co-production with and public works.

The products filmed in Höfen are part of Höfer Goods, an initiative by the artist Kathrin Böhm together with the women from Höfen.

More information about the different partners and projects:


Village Produce films by, public works and Grizedale Arts

A Grizedale Arts project commissioned by A Foundation
Production: Kathrin Böhm ( & public works), Wapke Feenstra ( and
Michael Smythe (Grizedale Arts)

Cinematography: Annemarie Lean-Vercoe

Editor: Sue Giovanni

Agrifashionista Works